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Connecting to Cameras on an Isolated Network (e.g. Exacq UNA or M-Series)

Outlined below are two basic methods to connect to resources on an isolated network, one using PuTTY and the other using MobaXTerm. We will use PuTTY to create a tunnel directly to a single camera (the process needs to be repeated for each camera) and use MobaXTerm to create a socks5 proxy (requiring an additional …

Installing LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit Desktop

Installing MSM on a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04 desktop was surprisingly difficult.  I’ve outlined the steps that worked for me with my SAS9271-8i controller card.  Please change the filenames to match your versions etc.  I had an existing logical volume and Ubuntu recognized it immediately so I did not see a need to install …


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